Shed For Under-Construction Site

Tarpaulins have multiple uses for real estate and infrastructure projects. Tarpaulin sheeting makes ideal weather proofing for use on scaffolding and other construction site areas, keeping work areas dry and preventing walkways from becoming wet and slippery.

Covering equipment and supplies with a tarpaulin sheet protects them from the external elements, keeping building materials dry and helping to prevent rusting and damage to machinery and power tools. Tarpaulins can also be used as a groundsheet to keep materials safe from damp penetrating from underneath, especially during monsoon season.

Industries Served / Applications:

Protection of material lying at huge construction site and also providing protection to huge structures during construction phase by avoiding and hazard to material and structure caused due to heavy rains and adverse climatic conditions.

Glass Industry - protect all types of raw materials and finished goods such as glass bottles, float glass, etc. which is used and manufactured in the glass industry.